The Mooncatchers Part 1

A lone figure stands in the ruins of a tribe, and thinks back to his childhood and how the tribe came to be in the state it is now. The children of the tribe gather to learn the history of the upcoming festival.

The Mooncatchers part 2

Korow's mother learns that he plans to sneak out to fight Erfre, and after some lecturing she lets him go fight.


The children are confronted by a mysterious woman in the woods, they run back to the tribe. The tribes guards try to fight off the outsider.

Final preparations

Luna meets with Kiara, Dauri, and Aiunn. She is told why she was summoned to the tribe and the role she will play in the upcoming tournament. Unaware that one of Refro's followers is eavesdropping on them.

Evening of the Festival

Luna is left alone to wait for the tournament to begin. To kill some time she starts a conversation with Korow and learns a little more about the tournament.

Pieces of the Past Part 1

The tournament begins, and Dauri challenges Kiara. When backed into a corner Kiara thinks back to when she discovered her hidden power.

Pieces of the past part 2

Kiara flashes back to when she was accepted into the tribe, and unleashes her full power on Dauri. Quickly turning the tide of the battle.

Silver Haze

Refro steps up to face Kiara in the tournament, and using a secret strategy he is able to gain the upper hand.

A Pawn Made To Fall

Luna stops Rell from interfering with the fight, and Kiara turns the tables on Refro.

If It Takes Forever

As the plan to kill Refro progresses to its final phase, Dauri begins get cold feet.

I Will Die Trying

Refro and Dauri set out on their hunt.


The tribe gathers to see the outcome of the hunt.

The Fallen

The end of the Mooncatchers arc. Luna and Rell travel to meet with The Fallen. Luna fills him in on who and what the Fallen are. Meanwhile Erfre sets out to take his rightful place as Refro's revenant.

Superstition, Fear, and Jealousy

The kids venture into the forest to try and hunt the reedeerie

Dead I Am The Sky, Watching Angels Cry

The adults put together a search party to find to missing kids.

Dead I Am The Pool, Spreading From The Fool

The search party encounters a strange man in the forest, and then they have a nice civil conversation about their problems.